Measurable Impact in K12 Computer
Science Education
Codio is the only advanced platform custom-built to power K12 CS education programs; curriculum-agnostic and designed around teachers and students for maximum learning impact.
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Measurable Impact

Measurable Impact

From time stamping student engagement to immediate feedback through auto-graded assessments, Codio achieves your vision of a District or State approach to CS education.

Curriculum Agnostic

Running your course in Codio gives you several key advantages. Mini auto-graded assessments, the ability to illustrate concepts in an IDE, time-stamps of student engagement and tools for group or teacher/student collaboration.

Coded by Kids

A platform students
actually want to use

Starting from middle school, students can switch on to new subjects or get turned off for life. Maximize the potential to engage your students with CS on a platform custom-built for better outcomes and engagement with CS education.

Commitment to K12
teacher PD

Codio and the CSTA announced a partnership in July 2016 giving every K12 CSTA teacher member access to the Codio platform and resources for personal professional development. Have your teachers join over 600 K12 school teachers in the Codio CSTA community group.

Trusted by over 1,000 K12 Institutions

Codio is a trusted partners to K12 educators and school systems across the globe. Used extensively in the US and UK K12 systems, as well as International Schools worldwide - join over 1,000 K12 institutions enhancing their CS programs on the Codio platform.

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