Go beyond the hour of code
We are the platform partner for your CS program. A complete solution custom-built that is affordable, easy to adopt, free for PD and provides all the curriculum and teaching resources you need.
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All you need is a web browser
Getting started is simple. Codio is easy to adopt by both teachers and students. All you need is a web browser, internet connection and a computer. Students can access learning resources and work on projects from anywhere - at home or in the classroom.
Curriculum mapped to National Standards
Over 120 course modules covering topics such as programming fundamentals, data & abstraction, networking as well as practical capstone projects. Courses are designed for middle school through to senior year of high school and mapped to either CSTA Standards or the UK OCR GCSE Standards. There’s even teacher solution notes and curriculum maps for lesson planning.
A complete solution for your CS program
Codio combines cloud server infrastructure, an IDE and code editor for any language, with powerful learning tools including auto-graded assessments, instant access to student projects and dashboards to track student progress.
Teach any language - Python, Java, C++ and more
You can teach any language you want and any version that you need. Codio contains a library of languages pre-installed and configured. You can use any version of any language that you need.
Save up to 20% admin time per month
Codio combines a unique combination of technologies in the cloud which means you and your students will save time. Our teachers report saving up to 20% admin time per month. No more hassle for IT admin support or late nights configuring the right environment.
Free for Professional Development
Codio partners with teaching organizations to provide Codio free for professional development. Thanks to partnerships with the Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA) and Computing at School (CAS), you can join our growing community of teachers.

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