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Author exceptional computer science content and curricula with Codio Guides
Codio Guides lets you create anything from simple assignments and assessments to fully fledged books with built-in assessment libraries. Allied to our course publishing features it lets you teach Computer Science in a way that is not possible by any other means.
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- Mateen Rizki, Chair of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering,
Wright State University
Contents controls the IDE
The Guides editor fully controls the IDE. Each page is able to open and close the files you need to see for any individual page of content. You can also execute commands, open up browser pages and even highlight portions of code.
Guides controls IDE
Assessment setup
The Guides editor is also where you author the many different types of assessments offered by Codio. We support auto-graded coding, multiple choice questions, fill in the blank and open ended free text assessment types.
Markdown or HTML
You can choose between markdown and HTML authoring for each individual page. Markdown is a very fast and easy way to produce beautiful content without the need for any HTML unless you require it. HTML pages allow you to control all aspects of styling and embed javascript widgets to meet specific requirements.
Assessment setup
Teach Anywhere
Codio allows you to publish your curriculum content to courses, which can be browsed and pulled off the shelf. You can also assign parts of a course to your class as you teach. Courses are structured into a hierarchy of modules and units that map to lessons and lectures.

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