Course summary

Codio’s teaching materials take a rigorous approach to teaching coding. As well as extensive tutorial content, you will also find a large number of challenge assessments.

Both content and assessments have been carefully built to gradually increase the difficulty level, ensuring that knowledge and confidence are built up one step at a time. This approach is important to avoid demotivating students.

An Introduction to Programming

This introduces students to the basic concepts of programming, first using Flode before moving on to coding with Javascript, Python and/or Java. You will find many auto-graded coding assessments within each unit as well as a module dedicated to challenges. We also have a module introducing more advanced searching and sorting algorithms.


The first module covers the requirements of the GCSE curriculum. However, we also are offering more advanced materials covering accessing of databases through code as well as database design. These latter units are well suited as stretch materials or those wanting to build web applications or pursue coding at a higher level.


Crunch is a modern and very easy to use equivalent of Little Man Computer. It comes with both a proper debugger and a visualisation feature that teaches the fetch/execute cycle and shows how CPUs work when executing a program. As with all our units, this content comes with a large number of automated assessments.

An Introduction to Web Development

Although HTML and CSS are not mandated in the GCSE curriculum, OCR and Codio consider it a very valuable skillset and something that should be taught to students who are starting computing early enough. We are seeing many teachers in the UK teaching this and this course aims to support teachers who are new to this material as well as those with some experience.

As well as teaching the mechanics of building web pages, it also takes the Javasript knowledge acquired through the Introduction to Programming course and applies it to web pages to teach the basics of dynamic web sites and web applications.

Linux Command Line Interface

This course teaches students how to access the terminal and access the Linux command line interface.

Cambridge MOOC - Non-Coding

This course is a port of OCR’s Cambridge MOOC and covers the non-coding aspects of the GCSE curriculum. It contains the tutorial content, videos as well as auto-marked assessment questions.

Video overview