Grade Book assessments

A Grade book assessment is for manually graded assessments. A student does not need to answer it, and it is available for grading immediately

Comments and points given will be visible to the student when the assessment is graded and the grades are released

Test definition

Setting up a Code Test within the Guide editor is very simple. As you can see from the screenshot below, you should specify the following details

  • Name is a short name that describes the test. This name will appear in teacher dashboards, so naming it clearly is important so teachers can see precisely what the assessment is. In many cases, you do not want to see this text appear to the student. To suppress this text, flip the Show Name switch next to the name field.
  • Points is the score given to the student. You can choose any positive numeric value. Enabling the Allow Partial Points switch will allow partial points to be given.
  • Collapsed on start allows the assessment field to be collapsed when the page opens